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AI Powered
Theft Deterrent 24/7 Monitoring Staff Time & Attendance Stock Management Crowd Management Trend Analysis IoT Integration Personal Customer Experience  Lost and Found Real-Time Security Reduced False Claims Remote Monitoring Mobile App 

Retail & Shopping Malls


Facilities Management

Business Insight

Control access to and monitor carparks, corridors, retail space with IRIS AI security solutions. Reduce shoplifting and false liability claims that just add unnecessary costs to your bottom line. Keep retail shoppers safe and reduce vandalism.

Powerful Search
Looking for a child lost in the mall, or searching for a known criminal? IRIS will alert you as soon as the face you are looking for is spotted. Stop crime before it is committed, rather than deal with the consequences of crime. Or if you have historical footage IRIS can sort through hours of video with ease to quickly locate a specific event, person or vehicle across an entire site, helping to improve theft prevention, identify false liability claims and reduce shrinkage. Manage crowds by counting people, identify loitering and seeing bottlenecks.

IRIS alerts you with images of the ongoing unusual event, so you always have a pair of eyes watching your business. Only important events are sent to you, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your business, secure in the knowledge that your business is covered.

Business Intelligence
Businesses who understand their customers’ demographics can offer more enjoyable, relevant services because they know who their customers’ are and can anticipate their future needs. The more you know about your customer, the more personalised and useful experience you can offer them. This will result in stronger brand affinity, loyalty and ultimately, a higher ROI for your marketing efforts.

Easy Integration
Corvus solutions are built on an open platform, allowing you to connect Internet of Things devices (IoT). Our Video management system works with new/existing access control, intercom, external alarm , POS and other systems.

Theft and loitering at night, shoplifting, theft by employees, theft by cashiers, vandalism etc. are common security problems encountered in the retail industry.

Manufacturing, Mining & Construction


Health & Safety


Keep your plant safe and secure, monitor manufacturing processes and optimise business efficiencies with the help of AI-powered IRIS and access control solutions.

Whether small or large, construction site challenges are the same; safety of workers, security of raw material, false liability claims and access control. Managing multiple construction sites further increases the threat and makes having an effective security solution vital.

Automate the monitoring and detection of people not wearing face masks, hard hats high visibility vests etc. complete with Images sent to onsite supervisors to flag violations in real-time. Automated PowerBi reports identify trends, predict future activity and recommend action or further education if necessary.

Accidents are a major concern. Besides productivity and finance, accidents can lead to irreparable loss in terms of human injury and even death. Non-conformity to procedures and safety rules by employees in the usual cause of accidents. E.g. Not following specified walkways, entering dangerous areas with overhead threat, or going near hazardous material. IIRIS helps avoid this by using intrusion detection, creating virtual ‘Trip Wires’, Face Detection, etc. Combine this with instant alerts and many accidents can be avoided, downtown prevented and financial losses reduced. Enforce compliance to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase profitability.

AI Powered Unattended Machinery Observation Theft Deterrent Restricted Areas 24/7 Monitoring Time & Attendance Missing PPE Reporting IoT Integration Real-Time Security Overcrowding Alerts Safety Hotspots

AI Powered Unattended Machinery Observation Theft Deterrent Restricted Areas 24/7 Monitoring Time & Attendance Missing PPE Reporting IoT Integration Real-Time Security Overcrowding Alerts Safety Hotspots



Access Control & Geofencing

Business Insights

Large branch & ATM networks, huge amounts of cash and other valuables, are just some of the challenges for the banking industry. IRIS offers proactive security, centralised monitoring and control along with seamless integration with other peripheral security systems such as Fire Alarm, ATM, Vibration Sensors, PIR Sensors, etc.

  • Compliance – PPE and process management
  • Theft prevention – Unusual Behaviour identification
  • Access Control – Incl. activity outside banking hours
  • Crowd Management – length of queues
  • Object/Facial recognition – backpacks /firearms etc
  • Trend Analysis – Client demographics / dwell times
Hotel reception


Security & Guest Safety

Facilities Management

Access Control & Geofencing

Making your guests feel safe and secure and appreciated is of utmost importance. Visitor recognition, staff level monitoring, restricting access to certain guests, avoiding overcrowding, antisocial behaviour etc are just some of the challenges for any business in the hospitality industry.

  • Access Control – Guest Only access to certain areas
  • People Counting – Function room full or more staff required in restaurant
  • Object/Facial recognition – regular guests / unattended luggage
  • Compliance – PPE being worn
  • IoT Integration– HVAC, Fuel / temp. sensors
  • Trend Analysis – Client demographics / dwell times
Schooll kids protected by Corvus Solutions


Security & Child Safety

Facilities Management

Access Control & Geofencing

A complete set of security solutions that help you create a safe and secure environment and protect what is most valuable — your students, staff and school.

Access Control: IRIS prevents unwanted vehicles or people coming onto school grounds and records time & attendance of students and staff.

How: Facial recognition and number plate recognition means only authorised people are allowed entry. This can be done by using barriers &/or simply sending an image of the person/vehicle immediately they are viewed by any camera on the premises.. This also solves the problem of proxy attendance. Furthermore Access Control prevents unauthorised people from entering restricted areas of the school, or being outside classrooms during lesson times.