Physical Security

Platinum & Armed Guards

IR Team

Armed Interceptors
with Auto Dispatch

Our tactical unit is a specialised division within Corvus Group. An unrivalled level of professionalism from licensed armed guards. Highly trained and vetted with guard patrol technology.

Providing Tactical Reaction Services is extremely high-risk in nature. It is therefore essential that we accept nothing less than the highest standards for your protection, our clients & Tactical Reaction Teams.

AI integrated incident management suite linking the National Operation Centre to interceptor teams, alarm systems, cameras, and IoT devices. Providing real-time oversight and transparent client reporting.

Corvus provide a 24-hour direct armed tactical service in its mission to minimise the risk of loss, injury or damage caused by burglary or attack. 


Corvus has police clearance and all operational staff are vetted. Continuous training ensures officers understand the law and ensures professionalism.

Reaction Teams

An unrivalled level of professionalism licensed armed guards personnel who are correctly trained and screened. Guard patrol technology is integrated for command and control of armed reaction activities.

Operations Centre

State of the art off–grid command and control centre that ensures efficient management of all tactical operations.


Automatically notifies nearest vehicle and saves time, property & lives. Performance measurement for reaction officers reduce response times. Transparency and oversight from the client messaging platform.


Artificial Intelligence learns the best routes, threats, and increases effectiveness over time. Automatic reporting provides transparency of the response performance statistics.


Every response vehicle is equipped with GPS mapping equipment so that they know exactly where the emergency is.

Corvus has initiated and implement our “Auto-Dispatch” system, the first & only security armed tactical reaction company in Zambia to implement this technically advanced system to ALL our vehicles.

Each vehicle is fitted with a system enabling your radio signals to be received by the vehicle directly. The vehicle display monitor automatically directs the team via GPS to the clients premises. Additionally, Corvus National Operations Centre automatically “live tracks” ensuring they arrive timely, ensuring they arrive effectively & timely.

Geographic areas of operation for a reaction service will vary in size due to many factors such as traffic density, road conditions and urban versus rural territory.Through our 50+ years’ experience, Corvus has a well-balanced, well designed “vehicle to client ratio”, which ensures clients safety.


National Operations Centre

Having a centralised command and control centre, means that our agents can create a complete operating picture of voice, video and data. To keep critical incidents from worsening and in order to respond quickly, agents need to be alerted to potential threats in real-time.

Relevant video images can be easily shared when needed, helping first responders to understand what threats exist on the ground and avoid delays during investigation. Gone are the days of staring for endless hours at monitors and laboriously searching video footage.

The advent of our AI-enhanced video solutions has made it easier and more cost effective to manage your business, and to identify and prevent security threats.