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Putting Advanced Video Analytics To Work

Video images are only as good as your ability to monitor them and the quality of the analytics behind them. So while megapixels will give you clarity, AI augmented video image analytics delivers results that prevent a threat from turning into a disaster. You can quickly identify and deal with any threat, rather than have to mount a costly and time consuming after the fact investigation because the guard missed something.

Old-school ‘black-screen’ monitoring is severely limited by its reliance on humans. Proactive CCTV viewing is a difficult cognitive task for humans to undertake for any length of time. That is why we have embedded our AI algorithms across our technology ecosystem. They are designed to quickly identify vast amounts of objects in a scene and accurately classify them — enabling real-time event detection as well as the faster searching and identification of people and vehicles of interest.

While many common security violations may be minor, there are situations in which life threatening conditions or those that involve substantial loss can occur.

Facial Recognition


Under Age

Counting Objects

The secret of good video analytics relies on being able to quickly and accurately recognise many different objects. IRIS can currently identify over 15,000 objects and is continually fine tuning the algorithms in order to more successfully identify more and more.

The recognition of these objects allows for specific events to be detected and searches conducted. Events can be as simple as alerting to the appearance of a particular object, such as a licence plate, or as complex as the detection of unusual activity, such as the unexpected presence of an individual in a particular area. Searches can be done to see where an object appeared at a specific point in time or to compare unknown objects to a known repository for identification purposes.

Prohibited People

Licence Plates



How it works infographic

How does it work?

IRIS plugs into your existing camera system or other IOT devices.

Additional IOT device integrations allow for future proofing of services without huge capital expenditure.

IRIS AI watches all activity from the data streams:

  • IRIS never gets bored or sleeps!
  • IRIS continuously scans, analyses and learns. 
  • IRIS sends notification of unusual events to the Network Operation Centre and mobile devices.

IRIS video management system is designed for the connected officer. The officer focuses on the task at hand while IRIS monitors activity across all cameras. When threats/ incidents occur a snapshot of the threat is captured and sent to the on-scene officer and automatically uploaded for review by command staff.

Interceptor Armed Response Teams positioned to respond to threats. Auto-dispatch speeds up response times.

Analysis in real-time, or  
historic stored footage

Putting Intelligence into Action


The security implementations for IRIS technology are obvious. Humans staring at screens, and high numbers of security personnel for visibility are a hugely inefficient and an ineffective use of manpower.

Halve your personnel and double their effectiveness

Video security and analytics enable you to know what’s
actually happening, anticipate what will happen next and
operate with technology which focuses your attention in the most demanding moments.

Our advanced analytics identify the relevant data, providing not just information but actionable intelligence to enable seamless collaboration and shorter response times.

So more crimes can be prevented, more disasters can be averted and more cases can be solved. 

Business Insights

On the most basic level IRIS will summarise data and inform you what is happening. This allows companies to understand past behaviours and learn how it can influence future outcomes.

Predictive analytics enables companies to have future insights. Although no statistical algorithm can give 100% prediction, organisations are using these analytics to forecast future events. This system relies on “best guesses” since its foundation is based on probabilities.

The proliferation of new big data sources, including smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, means business no longer wish to be weighed down by huge chunks of static reports generated by BI software systems. They need more actionable insights.

AI has evolved into that “can’t do without” technology in the modern business landscape. Small to large enterprises are leveraging this technology to improve the efficiency of business processes and deliver smarter, more specialised customer experiences. If you are not using AI in your business, you will soon be left behind by the competition.

Facilities Management

People spend 80% of their time in buildings.

Few people understand what goes on behind the scenes. If your business needs help in improving operations around space optimisation, lease management, capital projects, energy management & maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

But before you can manage your building effectively, it’s important to understand how your building operates across critical operational areas. At the same time, you’re aiming to reduce operational costs, maintain regulatory compliance and keep occupants happy. Sounds exhausting!

IRIS Silo is the foundation you need to begin your smart building’s journey. Silo is an integrated facility management system (IFMS), that provides you with the solution to break down silos and optimise operations across the four key pillars:

  • Space optimisation
  • Maintenance and energy management
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Process Management
IRIS is controlled & managed by an artificial intelligence engine that consolidates your risk & safety compliance issues with very little user input.